5.0 out of 5 stars AWESOME! Reviewed in the United States Challenge of flight crew took their cameras to Russia and filmed some of the most awsome fighters such as Mig-29 Fulcrums, the SU-27 fighters and 3 of the world’s most deadliest bombers. Also watch the Helo’s do maneuvers you wouldn’t believe. You can actually sit back..put on a headset and listen to your favorite music while watching this. I call it “aerial ballet” just BEAUTIFUL ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL to watch how these pilots manuever these amazing military aircraft!! A MUST WATCH FOR A TRUE MILITARY AVIATION BUFF!Challenge of Flight – ADVERSARY AIRAmazon Review

Amazon Rating 5.0 out of 5 stars DVDVerified Purchase “Highly Recommended!” I remember watching the final approach part as far back as I remember and love it. Watching it again brought back memories from when I was young with my dad. But the videos are great has some great footage and stories of WWII and Desert Storm. Challenge of Flight – THE FINAL APPROACHAmazon Review

“WATCH THIS!” “Pilots who flew the sorties tell their story in exclusive interviews as this VHS brings you footage of the aircraft and air crews of DESRET STORM. Pilots in their own words describe the tension, the exhilaration..and the rigors of daily comabt. This VHS brings you the story behind the story. From Stealths to Warthogs.. carrier landings to Riyadh runways. Watch the most stunning scenes of the worlds most powerful fighter aircraft..stories only the pilots could tell.” Challenge of Flight – EAGLES OVER THE GULFAmazon Review

“One of aviation’s most dramatic film projects! Over 50,000 copies sold. Highly recommended.” The Challenge of Flight SeriesAviation Heritage

“It is about what it takes for military personal and equipment to pass the “TEST” simply known as “Carrier Quals”. You will see jets practice landings, ejections, .flight testing. You can’t go wrong with any of these Challenge of flight series..its simply AWESOME!!..Again I’m just a girl but I know what I like and I LOVE THIS!!!…ENJOY! Challenge of Flight – CARRIER QUALSAmazon Review

“Part Roswell, part insane human testing. Includes the balloon jumps and the human breaking the sound barrier footage.” Human Guiniea Pigs – THE HUMAN ROCKHistory Today Magazine

“What is most appealing is that in the second part of the disc, Canopies Up! The narration is provided by aviators themselves, as they describe their world in their own words.”Frontline Pilots – Canopies Up

“Nothing matches Eagles. If you want to know what it’s like to fly combat missions, go no further!” “All of the action is narrated by the pilots themselves, all interviewed after the war. Exquisite photography. Brilliant shots on land, in the air, and on carriers. Tense!” Challenge of Flight – EAGLES OVER THE GULFGannett Newspapers

5.0 out of 5 Stars Pure fact/footage – no bias As with the other films in this series, these films are good to see after you have a thorough knowledge of what took place. They recap events nicely for the avid WWII fans or give a good view of the main events for the novice. Some new footage is in each film in this series, and it’s great not to have the bias of the countries that made the films.The Liberation of Europe – D-DAYAmazon Review – rescuepetsrule