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TheUSMilitaryChannel.com is owned and operated by Marshall Publishing & Promotions, Inc. now celebrating 15 years in business. Our mission is to provide a streaming video portal to unique, award-winning military series, documentaries and movies covering the US Military – past, present and future. Help us help others to understand the importance of the role all branches of military play in fighting for, protecting and preserving the freedoms enjoyed by all Americans by letting others know about this website. We salute and honor those brave patriotic men and women of all generations who have served so bravely to safeguard our Democracy.

An explosive collection of 19 military aviation programs with real Top Gun Pilots on real missions.

From D-Day to victory in Berlin some of greatest and rarest footage from the battlefields of Europe.

These are true, untold combat stories of everyday citizen-soldiers fighting on the front lines of Europe.

Experience the challenging world of military pilots from mission assignment into combat action.

The revealing and shocking story of human and animal testing in the military.

Explore more series, specials and documentaries.